Community Safety Update

Dear Neighbours,

Thank you to all neighbours who were able to attend the community safety meeting on Sunday 14 July, on what was a blistering hot day. Queen’s Boundary Community would like to extend its thanks to James Pringle, Markhouse Ward’s Police Community Safety Officer for meeting with us.

Over 50 people came and raised issues of concern relating to local burglaries, assaults and anti-social behaviour. Some key messages came out of this meeting.

A crime against a person or property is a frightening experience and should be taken seriously at all
times. However it is difficult to know whether there has been an actual rise in crime or whether we are
talking to each more so we are hearing about it. You may be reassured to know that according to Met
statistics (see our ward currently holds an
average crime rating. The highest report being anti-social behaviour in June 2013, at similar levels as those Bishop’s Avenue in Hampstead.

If we see anything suspicious we need to call 101 for a non-emergency and 999 for an emergency.

For information to help reduce your risk of burglary – be safe and visit

We can all reduce crime and the fear of crime by:

Fitting burglary alarms. They are a highly effective burglar deterrent, and have been proven to reduce crime by 94%.

Marking our property, which also deters thieves, if a theft should occur, it means property can be returned. Pens and visible stickers can be obtained from our Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 721 2649 or via

From September 2013 there will be a new policing model, which means there will be more police officers in the borough. Therefore we must report anything that we see as either suspicious or an actual crime. That way our area will be prioritised and the police will be able to direct their resources accordingly.


Neighbours have shown some interest in establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for our area. If you haven’t already told us you would like to get involved, please email giving your name, contact details and what road you live in to:

We will then be organising a meeting in early September, so you can meet others who want to help and plan our next step.

With thanks,

Queen’s Boundary Community Committee


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