Community Safety Update

Community Safety Update – Markhouse Neighbourhood Ward – November/December 2014

The following issues have been raised during engagement/consultation with Markhouse Ward residents/businesses:

• Youths gathering causing ASB/drug activity Queens Road

• Concern around 2x racial assaults Boundary Road E17.

• Disused/derelict pub on Brunner Road E17 having impact
on local business

• Burglary offences still occurring near to Boundary Rd

Markhouse Team Promises update/Good News

1. Queens Road – ASB/drug activity

• PC Raymond & PCSO Mealey were instrumental in working
with Waltham Forest Council ASB team to secure a 2 yr
ASBO against a 17 y/o ASB offender. He now has an 8pm-
7am curfew + prohibition from Bude Close E17.

• Markhouse team Sgt patrolled Longfellow Rd on 15th
December and stopped and searched the 17 y/o with the
ASBO which led to an arrest/charge for drugs.

• The team also secured a second Interim ASBO against
another male with same conditions as above subject is
currently in effect. A full ASBO hearing is set for January

• A 24 hour dispersal was implemented by Inspector Walton
on Thurs 11th – Monday 15th December covering Hoe
St/Queens Road E17 to target ASB/loitering.

• Markhouse team secured additional Police officer to assist
with reassurance patrols on Boundary Rd re the 2x racial
incidents. They are believed to be separate incidents that
are not linked. Investigations are still ongoing.

• The team are liaising with LBWF re an application for a
Public Spaces Protection Order covering Queens Road E17
to combat ASB problems/drug activity.

2. Theft from MV Crime – Low Hall Lane E17

• PCSO Nabwire has patrolled Low Hall Lane E17 and has
visited every victim of Theft from MV and personally
delivered crime prevention advice.

• Extensive neighbour enquiries have been completed near
to victim addresses to identify witnesses/capture evidence
of offences as well as also delivering crime prevention

• 46% reduction vs. last year – 0 MV offences in Low Hall
Lane in November 2014.

3. Residential Burglary – Boundary Road E17

• DWO officers, supported by Op Equinox Police officer have
provided a high visibility presence along Boundary Rd E17.

• Every victim of residential burglary across Markhouse
ward has received a personal visit for reassurance and
crime prevention advice.

• 5 out of 7 res burglaries in November are still nearby to
Boundary Road (1 on Boundary Road itself).

Further crime stats can be found on the noticeboard at the bottom of Somerset Road or email

Your team
Markhouse Sergeant is: PS Stephen JOHNSTON-KEAY 81JC
Dedicated Ward Police Officer is: PC Emma RAYMOND 282JC
Dedicated Police Community Support Officer is: PCSO Mel GRANT 7102JC

Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) can be contacted by: Local Office: 0208 721 2649

Team email:

In an emergency always dial 999.
For non-emergency incidents or to report crime dial 101.


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