Markhouse Ward Police Update – Jan 2015

Hello all, Myself and the team have been really busy this week. I started off the week with a day at Stratford youth court with a case I have been dealing with since August. Half of the team this week have been on Operation Equinox. Operation Equinox is an initiative which is being run met wide with the aim of reducing Violent Crime across London. Each night until April a van, capable of responding to emergency calls is crewed with 8 police officers and 1 sergeant. These officers respond to any calls whereby a threat of violence has been made. The initiative was due to run from October to December 2014 but due to the positive results and the reduction of violent offences across the borough it has been extended to run until April 2015. Thursday was a busy day for the team. An adult female was arrested for shop lifting and upon searching the female in custody she was found in possession of Class A drugs. Her partner was also involved in the shoplifting offence and had also threatened so stab staff unless his partner was released. Quick enquiries led to identifying his home address and he was also arrested for the theft offence, the threat and also for being in Breach of a Court Order. On Friday night half of the team conducted Plain Clothes Proactive Patrols in and around the ‘hot spots’ on Markhouse Ward. This proved to be a success, with one arrest for Possession of Cannabis which resulted in an adult female receiving a Penalty Notice for the offence. Also two cannabis warnings were issued to two male adults on the same night. Several people were stopped by officers and ask to account for their presence in the area. Every couple of months Markhouse Ward holds a Ward Panel Meeting represented by local businesses, housing providers, councillors and residents. During which local issues, crime statistics and Markhouse ward concerns are discussed. As a result, three ‘Ward Promises” are set for the Markhouse Team to target over the following 2 months during their patrols. These 3 ward promises selected on 17th December are; To patrol Thomas Gamuel Park every shift to increase youth engagement and target personal safely. To patrol Queens Road, E17 every shift to reduce ASB and Drug taking in the area. To give burglary prevention advice to residents of Boundary Road, E17 and the surrounding roads to improve home security with the aim of reducing burglaries in the area. If you have any concerns or information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the information we receive, helps us to build intelligence and cases against the persons causing the problems. Unfortunately there is not a copy of this week Borough Commanders Message. I will attached it on the next update. If you require to speak to us, please contact us on the following details; Phone 0208 721 2649 (If we are unavailable and your matter is not an emergency, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP) Phone 101 – In a non-emergency Phone 999 – In an emergency Email – Have a good week, Kind Regards, Dedicated ward officer PC Emma Raymond,


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