Markhouse Police Update – Feb 2015

Hello all,

Markhouse Team have been very busy since the last update!

Monday 19th January was a busy day for the team which resulted in three arrests. PC Robb and PC Faruque arrested two juveniles who were caught shop lifting. On the same day PC Roberts arrested a male for GBH who had been involved in a serious assault.

On Tuesday 20th January officers from the Markhouse Team, alongside the Boroughs Tactical Response Unit and the Traffic Department conducted an evening operation called ‘Operation Lockdown’. This operation was designed to target offenders who are using London’s roads.

This operation proved to be very successful. Officers stopped over 50 vehicles on Hoe Street, E17 and Kirkdale Road, E10. This resulted in 6 people receiving tickets for various driving offences and 6 vehicles being seized. During this operation Pc Hart arrested a male for possession of cannabis.

On Wednesday 21st PC Robb arrested a male who was found to be in possession of a knife. The investigation is on going.

Thursday 22nd January the team conducted a ‘Community day of Action’. Officers were out and about on Boundary Road, E17 for the day, offering crime prevention advice to residents, handing out leaflets and engaging with members of the public. This day proved to be successful as there have not been any burglaries or theft from or of motor vehicle offences since. Fingers crossed this continues!

Myself, PCSO Mealey, Sgt Johnston-Keay and Inspector Jones were invited to the Markhouse Community Forum which is organised by the local councillors. This gave Inspector Jones the opportunity to introduce himself as the Central Cluster inspector and for member of the public to ask any questions to him.

Pc Banks conducted a plain clothes operation around the Walthamstow High Street, this resulted in a male adult being given a formal warning for cannabis. This means that if he is caught again within the next twelve months with cannabis on his person he can be given a fine and or arrested.

So all in all a very busy and productive shift for the team!

Every couple of months Markhouse Ward holds a Ward Panel Meeting represented by local businesses, housing providers, councillors and residents. During which local issues, crime statistics and Markhouse ward concerns are discussed. As a result, three ‘Ward Promises” are set for the Markhouse Team to target over the following 2 months during their patrols.

These 3 ward promises selected on 17th December are;

• To patrol Thomas Gamuel Park every shift to increase youth
engagement and target personal safely.

• To patrol Queens Road, E17 every shift to reduce ASB and Drug
taking in the area.

• To give burglary prevention advice to residents of Boundary Road,
E17 and the surrounding roads to improve home security with the aim
of reducing burglaries in the area.

On 3rd March 2015 we are holding the next ward panel meeting.
This meeting will be open to the public for the first hour and after that it will be closed for only ward panel members.

This is a great opportunity for member of the public to come and meet the team and discuss and local issues they may have. Please spread the word!

Tuesday 3rd March, 1930hours at the Adult Learning Centre, Queens Road, E17.

The next couple of weeks our shifts are as follows;

Monday 26th January- 1400- 2300hours
Tuesday 27th January 1400- 2300hours

Wednesday 28th January- Rest Day
Thursday 29th January- Rest Day

Friday 30th January- 0700- 1500hours
Saturday 31st 30th January- 0700- 1500hours
Sunday 1st February- 0700- 1500hours
Monday 2nd February- 700- 1500hours

If you have any concerns or information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the information we receive, helps us to build intelligence and cases against the persons causing the problems.

Unfortunately there is still not a copy of this week’s Borough Commanders Message.
I will attach it on the next update.

If you require to speak to us, please contact us on the following details;
Phone 0208 721 2649 (If we are unavailable and your matter is not an emergency, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP)
Phone 101 – In a non-emergency
Phone 999 – In an emergency
Email –


Have a good week,

Kind Regards,

Emma Raymond


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