Proposed masts in Chelmsford Road

A planning application has been submitted for a 25 metre high mobile mast on Chelmsford Road beside the mosque replacing some of the bike stands. Only a few neighbours at the top of Chelmsford Road were consulted by the Council, and the consultation has not included the mosque and the nearby schools or residents of the rest of the road

The 2 masts in the station car park by Walthamstow Central, each take up a large area on the ground. It is unclear how a mast would fit in the designated area and still allow space for drivers at the top of Chelmsford Road. This is narrow, and full pavements can push pedestrians into Queens Road now at mosque times, (particularly during Ramadan) and at times parents are taking children to and from Edinburgh and Thomas Gamuel school. Many dogwalkers use the Chelmsford Rd pavements on their way to Thomas Gamuel Park. Often lorries taking goods to and from the factory behind Chelmsford Rd are too long to make the one way system and have to come back up Chelmsford Rd to Queens Rd, needing all the space currently at the top to manoevre it. The factory would be driven out of business were the road any narrower, as it would be if the mast is built. People using the Queens Rd adult learning centre also walk there up Chelmsford Rd/

Whilst residents of Chelmsford Road disagree with each other about the proposed new bike sheds in the road, I have not met a resident of Chelmsford Rd, who supports the proposed mast. We will be very grateful for the support of any neighbours from other QBC roads, who would like to join us in giving their views to the planning department.

London Borough of Waltham Forest
Sycamore House,
Town Hall Complex
Forest Road
E17 4SU

Ask for : Duty Planning Officer
Tel: 020 8496 3000
Quoting reference 150166/FUL


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