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I hope everyone is well.

Since the last update regarding the Closure Order which was placed on a property in Bude Close, E17 there has not been any complaints with regards to ASB in this road. It just shows that the hard work has paid off and hopefully residents are living a more peaceful life. The local newspaper, the Guardian has published an article about the closure.

There has been another change to the way Neighbourhood Policing works, we have reverted back to the ‘old style’ Safer Neigbourhood Teams. All the team is now cycle trained which means we can cover the area more quickly and be a lot more visible to the members of the public.

Each member of the team has been designated a faith centre or primary school on the ward. This will improve communications and build relationships within the communities.

Some more good work from PC THYNG this month. A routine stop and name check resulted in a male being arrested for a historic racially aggravated ABH.

Over the past couple of months there has been an increase in theft from Motor Vehicles on Markhouse Ward, mainly in and around Queens Road, E17.

Below is some crime prevention of how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of theft from your motor vehicle.

• Always lock your vehicle and use an Alarm and Immobilizer. Motor cycles
should have a disk lock fitted and be secured with a ground anchor.
• Always protect your keys, never leave a running vehicle unattended and
place your keys and any vehicle documents out of sight in your home.
• Steering wheel locks or wheel clamps are also recommended.
• Fitting locking wheel nuts will reduce the likelihood of wheels and tyres
from being stolen.
• Tamper resistant screws will prevent your number plates being stolen.
• All items should be taken with you or removed from open view and
placed in the boot.
• Consider having your car or bike security marked with one of the
recommended methods or fitted with a tracking device.
• When driving in slow moving traffic activate your central locking and
keep your windows up and your handbag or valuables down in the
• When parking try to leave your vehicle in a safe place that is managed
with security staff, good lighting, and CCTV surveillance – for a list of
Police approved parking places please visit British Parking Association

Chief Inspector Mike Cowie has requested the following message be disseminated:

“The continuing deployment of TASER dedicated vehicle’s has provided police with a lawful; necessary and proportionate deterrent to spontaneous incidents that require such a response, hence providing immediate reassurance to the public and officers, at this time across the borough we deploy four TASER officers, over 24 hours, for each of our emergency response teams shifts.. In ‘exceptional circumstances’ we will aim to deploy more than 4 taser officers per shift when available. This number provides police with a lawful; necessary and proportionate deterrent to these spontaneous incidents that require such a response, hence providing immediate reassurance to the public and officers on BOCU level, who may be faced with immediate violence or threat of violence. This is still a less lethal force option and officers’ are not specifically deployed to a call that ‘ May require a TASER trained officer’ , as this would be a pre-planned operation, however the visible deterrent is there and this has been widely advertised since inception, across the MPS via multi media avenues and the briefing of community groups”

Every couple of months Markhouse Ward holds a Ward Panel Meeting represented by local businesses, housing providers, councilors and residents. During which local issues, crime statistics and Markhouse ward concerns are discussed. As a result, three ‘Ward Promises” are set for the Markhouse Team to target over the following 2 months during their patrols.

These 4 ward Priorities was selected on 5th May 2015;

· Theft from Motor Vehicles on Queen s Road, E17 and the surrounding
roads due to the recent increase in this area.
· ASB and Drugs activity in Queens Road, E17
· Drug activity in St James Park, E17
· ASB and Drug activity in and around Edison and Exeter Close, E17.

In July we are holding the next ward panel meeting.
This is closed for only ward panel members but an update will be provided after the meeting.

If you have any concerns or information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the information we receive, helps us to build intelligence and cases against the persons causing the problems.

If you require to speak to us, please contact us on the following details;
Phone 0208 721 2649 (If we are unavailable and your matter is not an emergency, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP)
Phone 101 – In a non-emergency
Phone 999 – In an emergency
Email – Markhouse.NPT@met.pnn.police.uk


If any of your neighbours or friends who live on Markhouse Ward would like to receive emails from us could you please send me their email address’s and I will add them on to the mailing list.

Have a good week,

Kind Regards,

Markhouse Ward


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