Queens Boundary Community Steet Party Sunday 17th June 1-5pm seeking help from neighbours

Hi neighbours,

It’s that time of year again and we are finalising plans for the street party. We do need some additional help on the day to make the event run smoothly and safely. It will be fun and it’s a great way to meet more of your neighbours. I’ve created a list below of the areas that need help. If you can assist then please let us know as soon as possible. An offer of an hour or twos help will really make a difference to the success of the party. The party and other local events are entirely run by your neighbours volunteering their time and energy – the more support we get, the more fun we can all have…

• Children’s craft table – supervising the area. Parents are responsible for children. This will involve ensuring the craft materials are available. If you are creative and would like to run an activity for a short period of time then we’d really welcome your offer. Help: 1 person needed 1-5pm

• BBQ tickets – directing people to collect their plates/cutlery and sending them along the salad bar and bbqs. Help: 1 person needed 1-3pm and 2 people from 3-5pm. Might be a bit of tidying up between 4-5pm.

• BBQ: cooks/chefs required! The Meat (non-halal) needs 2 people for 3-5pm and the Veggie on needs 1 person across whole day so 12-5pm? You’ll need an apron but everything else will be provided.

• Reception – giving out the colour coordinated stickers for name labels. This is to help us spot and meet near neighbours more easily. Taking payment/donation for the BBQ. Directing people. Advising people of the days events – timetable will be provided. Help: 2 people needed 2-5pm

• Bouncy castles – there is a littles ones castle as well as one for older kids. Parental supervision is expected to manage this however if anyone wants to lend a hand supervising this then let us know: 1-5pm.

And we also need support before and after the event. Some of the team do a very long day and any assistance here is much appreciated.

• Setting up – 11am-1pm: putting up the marquees, moving tables and chairs, setting up tables/tea stall, getting the games in place, putting up signage and timetables. We have 5 offers so far but need more.

• Tidying up 5-6pm – taking everything down, cleaning and sweeping up, removing signage. Again we have 5 offers so far but more would be great. And if you have enjoyed the party and are still at the event at 5pm then please do lend a hand.

Other ways you can help:

• If you can help by making a salad for the BBQ/food or baking a cake then we would really appreciate it. Please post here and let us know in advance as it is difficult to estimate what we need as we never know how many people are coming, what the weather will be like and how many food donations we will receive which make it tricky!

• Putting up the bunting – Sunday 10th June – we have ladders but it works best when there are about 4 people. (Taking down the bunting – usually done the week after the party as we are all too tired!)

• If you want to get involved delivering leaflets then you can probably fold and deliver a streets worth in under 30 minutes.
Apologies for the long post, thanks for reading and bigger thanks if you can help.


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