upcoming events

Spring Clean QBCAnnouncing the Big Spring Clean! Along with other Waltham Forest communities, QBC is coming together on SATURDAY, MARCH 18 from 9-11am to spruce up the neighbourhood! We will be picking up litter, cleaning out tree pits, planting flowers and seeds and generally giving QBC some TLC. WF Council will provide litter pickers, rubbish sacks, gloves, compost, plants and litter collection. Meet at Thomas Gamuel Park Gates. Please join in for however long your are able… even 10 minutes picking up a bit of rubbish along your road will help! Let’s get the rubbish off our streets, and have some fun in the meantime! https://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/content/spring-clean-2017


St Barnabas Sunday Concerts Presents… ‘No Place Like Home’

SUNDAY, APRIL 9TH AT 4PM Our next programme ‘No Place Like Home’ features guest violinist Charlotte Connell and pianist Somi Kim alongside regular performers Gillian Keith, soprano and Tom Randle, tenor. “Soul Searching Music from Far and Wide, The Heart’s Journey to Distant Shores and Home Again…”
This programme features melodies of love and longing alongside popular music from film and opera. See you there!

ALL WELCOME! All proceeds support local charity.



2 responses to “upcoming events

  1. Alison Brown

    I saw the jumble trail advertised on a lampost in Queens Rd today. For those of us not on facebook, any chance of putting events on this webpage?

  2. The new upcoming events is great

    Any chance there could be something on the QBC website front page to remind everyone to look at it?


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